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Michael Cohen on Trump's Financial Meltdown
This week on The Enemies List, Rick is joined by Michael Cohen, former attorney and fixer for Donald Trump, to dive into the complex web of legal and financial troubles surrounding the former president. With Cohen's insider knowledge, the conversation illuminates the recent legal developments, including Alan Weisselberg's guilty plea and its limited impact on Trump. Cohen provides a candid look at Trump's precarious financial situation, debunking myths of his wealth and detailing the challenges of covering substantial legal debts without sufficient liquid assets. Cohen offers an intimate exploration of Trump's transactional approach to relationships, his struggle to navigate a maze of legal battles, and the potential consequences for his future. Timestamps: [00:01:10] Allen Weisselberg's guilty plea [00:02:58] Trump's current finances [00:13:39] Trump's testimony [00:20:42] Did he think he would get caught? Follow Resolute Square: Instagram Twitter TikTok Find out more at Resolute Square Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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