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Stella Santana: Singer, Songwriter + Music Producer
Song And Circumstance. We discussed the creative process with singer, songwriter, and music producer, Stella Santana. The daughter of legendary musician Carlos Santana, Stella has music in her bones, and a sound and style all her own. She possesses the valuable skill of being a "doer", something that will take her far in the entertainment business. We touch on the inspiring way in which she navigates her work as a creative, her process, and her vision. From her time spent studying to be a life coach to her memories of meditating as a family, we see how and what has shaped Stella and continues to shape her music, vision and style. Speaking of style: we (of course) got the scoop on this tastemaker's favorite books, favorite NYC restaurants, go-to skincare, and more. follow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
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