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Personal Brands and Press ft. Olumide Gbenro with Alex Quin
In this episode, Alex Quin chats with Olumide Gbenro, a PR expert, influencer and digital community builder. He is a recognized international social media and press advisor to celebrities, influencers, and olympians. Olumide is also a notable TikToker in Indonesia known for his viral videos where he speaks in several languages. He is a businessman who has worked to grow & monetize the brands of some of the world's leading Entrepreneurs, and Startups. His influencer & business networking events attract diverse audiences and take place in various international locations ranging from Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, California and Bali, Indonesia. Podcast Outline [01:15] What's going on everyone [01:52] Olumide’s background and projects [02:26] Getting started in the PR industry [03:20] Grow through being humble [04:00] Living outside the States for over 5 years [05:02] Getting into social media professionally [06:26] Alex’s story starting UDAV [07:52] The goldmine of working on the internet and developing valuable skills [08:18] Don’t be comfortable with where you are currently at [10:30] Covid-19 helping people realize the potential of working anywhere via the internet [13:00] Learning how to scale a business and product [15:40] Dealing with the naysayers [17:04] Hey (break) [17:44] Olumide’s skills and the clients that he works with [18:40] People are going to search about you online [20:32] How Alex started hustling [21:46] Ethical publicity [22:36] Paid press and fake publicity [23:44] Be careful about who you work with [26:00] People will recognize you by your efforts and value you bring to others [27:38] Leverage where you have authority [28:20] Don’t be dishonest when talking about yourself [32:12] Share the lessons from your losses [34:28] How to connect with Olumide Power Quotes “Grow with humility” - Olumide Gbenro 3:20 “Bullet point the things that you can do and tell people how you can help them solve a specific problem.” - Olumide Gbenro 7:46 “Only people that are below you will be trying to pull you down.” Alex Quin 16:02 “The internet is so powerful these days, just one post can change everything.” - Olumide Gbenro 24:46 “Getting published is a validation of the good work that you are already doing.” - Alex Quin 26:03 Resources Alex Quin’s Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle App Hustle Inspires Hustle Instagram Olumide Gbenro’s Website Olumide Gbenro’s Facebook Olumide Gbenro’s Instagram Olumide Gbenro’s Twitter See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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