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69. Blane Ruschak, President of The PhD Project, On Attracting Black, Hispanic and Native Americans to the World of Business Through Professors
What’s really working to attract Black, Hispanic and Native American professionals to the world of business?  In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Blane Ruschak, President of The PhD Project. Blane discusses: His personal journey from auditor to recruiter to head of The PhD project. The importance of diversity in the business community and how The PhD project is making a difference by recruiting diverse candidates to get their PhDs and become professors at business schools around the country. How The PhD supports its members through conferences, training and mentoring. The PhD project has a 90% PhD completion rate, a number unheard of in other programs. How they help new PhDs become better teachers and researchers through training and conferences. When The PhD project was founded, there were fewer than 300 Black, Hispanic and Native American professors in US business schools. Today, there are over 1700! How their members become PhDs and professors to give back, make a difference in their communities, and conduct meaningful research. References: The PhD Project website The PhD Project on LinkedIn Member Stories
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