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How To Find and Research Hotels Using Tripadvisor Hotel Reviews
How do you find and research hotels? I want to know, after this episode, reply to this tweet and let’s chat about it. Do you get recommendations from TikTok or Instagram? Do you start with a Google search? Or maybe you use online travel agencies (OTAs), aggregators, or meta-search engines? In this episode, I share my process for finding and researching hotels using Tripadvisor hotel reviews. This episode is made possible with the support of She Podcasts. She Podcasts LIVE is a four-day podcasting event happening in Washington, D.C., October 11-14th, that will teach you everything you need to know about podcasting – from refining your skills to growing your audience. Register now and get $50 off your 2022 ticket. Purchase your ticket today at If you enjoy this show, please consider leaving me a tip by buying me a coffee. With your support, I look forward to continuing to bring you informative personal finance and travel content every other week. Also, please take a moment to share what you’d like for us to cover next on the show. Request a podcast episode here. Join my newsletter and get first dibs on my travel and personal finance books. Follow on Twitter: @thethoughtcard Follow on Instagram: @thedanielledesir Link to episode:
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