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B2C020: Exploring Seed Stage Venture Investing in Digital Assets ( w/ David Nage )
David Nage, Principal at Arca, joins host Peter Hans this episode to explore seed-stage investing across the digital asset landscape. Everything we’ve discussed on Between2Chains thus far has been about liquid public token markets, but David has a history of investing in venture and early-stage companies in digital assets, both professionally and personally. They look at trends, sectors, and company lifecycles, how it all differs from traditional investing, and more. For Our Listeners : Arca, an asset management firm investing and innovating in digital assets, is hosting the 4th annual FO256 conference virtually on Tuesday May 25th. Join Arca Tuesday May 25th by registering at  Connect: You can reach out to David Nage on Twitter: @DavidNage You can reach out to Peter Hans on Twitter : @peterdhans82 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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