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"He Said What?! "Radio Network
Listen to "He Said What?! "Radio Network on Pandora - What's one thing we always tell men? They're never listening! Well this time around, I felt the need to help all of my female friends whether you know me personally or not - by getting some answers. I requested a few women to send in questions they would love to ask a man IF AND ONLY IF he had no choice but to answer honestly. That means, forget how the answers make you feel, just deliver. Well, this podcast is just for that. Take a listen and definitely leave your comment(s) afterward if you'd like to talk more about it. None of these guests are paid for their responses and actually come from all over the world so no answer will be exactly the same, however, they may share a likeness. The "He Said What?!" Radio Network is here to provide you, discussions on some much needed topics such as lifestyle, relationships, culture-awareness, intimacy, and many others. Be sure to subscribe and download all of our episodes that strike your attention. Each of our shows, is designed to resonate with you in one way or another. Streaming every Tuesday live from 8-9 PM EST, the host Simplee Bree, offers answers from different perspectives from her male guests, in response to questions submitted by female listeners. These expected answers are to provide clarity via transparency even if it hurts. The men prior all have agreed to speak from their own personal experiences while providing clarity for the sake of our women. Every Wednesday live from 8-9:30 PM EST, the hosts Simplee Bree & Tasha, deliver the Truth Serum show. This program offers responses from both a male and female perspective on selected relationship and culture topics to promote healthy conversations that are typically swept under the rug resulting in the misunderstandings from both sides. The audience is encouraged to call in and interact with hosts as well as the guests by asking questions or simply making a statement.
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