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Ep 123 The Old Futures
Talking with The Old Futures, Matt Cremeens and Danny Rangel, about their music and lives. And some irrelevant nonsense too. Listen to and follow The Old Futures at these places Thanks to Baneful Town for the closing song Subscribe to the podcast - Follow on Social Media All music used by permission The Old Futures are in it for the long haul. Matt Cremeens and Danny Rangel have been playing music together since the beginning of time and will be melting the faces of the last roaches to roam the earth after the inevitable doom their music will bring about. They are self-produced, self-disciplined and self-medicated but they still find the time to love their mothers. Rangel and Cremeens are a multi-faceted corporate entity with autonomy and self awareness that is ever evolving into a sentient artificial intelligence with a knack for playing your favorite song. The Old Futures are an indie rock band from Asheville, NC.
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