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Cyber Security Questionnaire Essentials with Derrich Phillips of Aspire Cyber
In this episode Jacob speaks with Derrich Phillips from Aspire Cyber about best practices and tips when filling out cybersecurity questionnaires. Derrich Phillips is a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He started his career in the Army's security operations center, defending networks against cyber attacks. As the founder of Aspire Cyber, he focuses on helping small companies prove their cybersecurity readiness to handle information for enterprise customers. Here are some highlights from the episode: How Derrich get into cybersecurity The what and why of security questionnaires How to save time and money while filling out a security questionnaires When to push back on overly burdensome requirements Check out this video where Derrich and I discuss how ChatGPT can be used in information security compliance: Follow Derrich on LinkedIn: Aspire Cyber website: ----------- Governance, Risk, and Compliance Academy (GRC) Academy is a training and research platform! CMMC Overview course: NIST Cybersecurity Framework training:
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