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Ep 125 The Deathbots
All three of The Deathbots appear on the podcast this week, dispelling rumors that they are in fact all the same person. I almost feel bad about starting those rumors. Listen to and follow The Deathbots at these places Thanks to Camel City BLackouts for the closing song Subscribe to the podcast - Follow on Social Media All music used by permission The Deathbots make their home in Asheville, NC among the freaks, weirdoes, and white dudes named Chad that just moved here from Charlotte and are totally down to brewery hop on the South Slope. It’s widely accepted in Asheville that everything was better a few years ago and the Deathbots do their part by making the punk rock that your older sister used to listen to before she sold out and went to law school. Holy Crap Records describes the sound as a “brawling mix between Bad Religion and Johnny Cash, that combo of super speedy melodic punk and killer bad-ass country.”
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