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Witches in Popular Culture with Maya Rook
Welcome back cultural historian Maya Rook. October is a great opportunity to discuss the portrayals of witches in pop culture, witchcraft and magic. Enjoy this fun and reflective episode as we consider the witch in pop culture over time, how she is rooted in Greek Mythology, and her stereotypes and tropes. How are her powers centered within the domestic sphere? Where did we get our image of the good witch? Of the bad witch? What does the future hold for the pop culture witch? Why are men wizards and women witches? Salem Oracle by Maya RookIllusory Time by Maya RookPetition to recognize those accused of witchcraft in MassachusettsList of those accused of witchcraft in MassachusettsEnd Witch Hunts Support the showSupport Us! Sign up as a Super Listener Support the show
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