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Creative Coaching in Strength & Conditioning- Lew Caralla, Head Football S&C Coach, Georgia Tech
On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lew Caralla. Coach is in his second season as the Head S&T Coach for the Yellow Jackets. In 2018, Caralla was named Football Scoop’s Strength Coach of the Year for his work at his prior stop, Buffalo. Coach has also worked in S&C roles at Louisiana-Lafayette, North Texas, Michigan, and Mississippi. Caralla joined the podcast today to talk about his unique approach to Strength and Conditioning. Show Notes: 1:20 Coach’s journey 3:52 Sacrificing in the coaching profession 5:53 Key lessons Coach learned along his journey about connecting with his player 7:40 Working and dealing with different types of Strength and Conditioning coaches 9:52 Merging what position coaches want their players to do with their workouts 13:01 “The Hunger Board” 15:10 How Caralla’s interviews with players help develop them 17:38 How much Coach gets involved when players aren’t satisfied with their hunger rating 19:21 Staying integrated with the team during the actual season 21:41 How Coach shapes his messages to players and where he draws from 23:32 What different forms of technology has he integrated in his program 25:34 Winning Edge
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