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It's all in your head (Russ Book review) ft. Keven Pimentel with Alex Quin
Episode Summary:   In this podcast episode,  Host, Alex Quin, discusses music legend Russ with Kevin Pimentel. They also explore the topic of manifestation and motivation. They discuss how to use the power of manifestation to create the life you want and how to maintain motivation throughout the process.  Wisdom Nuggets:  Ruminating on ideas from books you’ve read. Alex shares that he reads books front and back and then highlights the most important to him at that moment. He then skims through the book again and writes the information he’s garnered in a google doc file, and turns them into tasks. There are three essential qualities, qualities required for turning your real life into your dream life. Delusion, persistence, and gratitude. Delusion will give you faith when there is absolutely nothing in your present life that indicates you should believe. That’s why it’s the number one quality. It is the mother of all manifestations.   Persistence is required because even if you have unwavering faith and believe with all your heart that you will achieve your goal, there will be times when it seems impossible. When those times come, you must remember why you started down this path in the first place and hold on to your vision no matter what.  The third and final quality is gratitude. You must be grateful for what you have in the present moment, even if it’s not what you want. The more you focus on feeling thankful for what you have, the more likely you are to attract what you want into your life. Podcast Outline:   [00:45] Interview begins [01:43]  So you recently flew to LA with me and the rest of the contrast magazine team to do a cover with Russ. [02:41]we found out about Russ through his music. Yeah. And we had the blessing of being able to feature him in contrast magazine. [03:06] I feel there are other ways of being able to communicate certain messages, books being one of them, and this book is called it's all in your head. Get out of your way. [04:17] Music is the soul stripped away from the body in audio format.  When you record music, you transcend your body. [04:30] There are three essential qualities, qualities required for turning your real life into your dream life. Delusion, persistence, and gratitude. [06:17] Be your devil's advocate. Yeah. So that you can say, well, hold on now, am I actually wanting this? Or is this something I'm being led by because of my ego and to fulfill something that is worthless, right? [06:56] I'm successful because I am confident. Not the other way around.  [10:49] You could be a rockstar designer. You could be a rock star consultant. You could be a rockstar trainer. You just gotta do it. Exactly. [13:14]I think one thing that we have to learn as human beings is that we're emotional beings, which means that we're always gonna reach these places. It's almost like you have to anticipate the fact that that's already going to happen.  [14:26] What fills me up with the most enthusiasm is what I know is to come. So like I'm so, so motivated by my understanding of what it is that I am and I'm doing, and I'm building and then know it's like, you're bracing, you're bracing for it. [16:15]And one of the surest ways of reaching success in whatever ways success is to you is through repeating successful actions. [17:42] Everyone's just trying to understand this thing that we call life. [19:16] So yeah, no matter what's happening economically, no matter what's happening in the world, don't lose hope in your ability to create in what has not been created yet. [20:15] It's been a great time having Kevin again, this is his third time on the podcast. Love the way he thinks, love the way he expresses himself. Power Quotes:   “You are gonna be the only thing that can stop you from achieving what you want” - Keven Pimentel. “I'm successful because I am confident. Not the other way around.” - Quote From Book Resources Mentioned:   Alex Quin Instagram Alex Quin’s Book List Hustle Inspires Hustle Blog See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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