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Piano Songs, Hymns & Lullabies Playlist - Created by Eric Elder
Gorgeous piano music to soothe your soul. Perfect if you or someone you love needs some peace and quiet for relaxing, meditation, and quiet time. You'll love it, as will your children and babies! Stimulates low-level brain activity without distracting or exciting... just right for what you need right now. Featuring contemporary and classical renditions of traditional favorites and soon-to-be favorites by Marilyn Byrnes, Eric Elder, Philip Aaberg, Stan Whitmore, David Osborne, Alice Perrey, Doug Hammer, Kevin Asbjornson, Jim Brickman, Yiruma, Mark Hayes, Emile Pandolfi, and Fernando Ortega. Good for gardening and your plants, too! All living things respond to beautiful music. - Listen to Piano Songs, Hymns & Lullabies Playlist by Eric Elder | Pandora
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