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Travel Vaccines for Digital Nomads - #032
In this episode B and Jack talks about travel vaccinations for digital nomad . They answer the question of is it necessary or not for taking vaccines as a digital nomad, which vaccines to take, what to consider before taking vaccines and, where/when to start the vaccinations. Time stamps: 1. The topic within the Digital Nomad Life System [2:46] 2. A general overview of vaccines [4:17] 3. Are vaccines necessary for digital nomads [6:04] 4. List of digital nomad travel vaccinations [8:15] 5. Things to consider before starting taking digital nomad travel vaccinations [18:09] 6. Where and when to take digital nomad travel vaccinations [20:45] 7. Diseases without vaccines [24:58] Follow us on social media: For an overview of our Digital Nomad Life System: For the show note: Disclaimer: Please be aware that any information you may find in Nomad Tactics may be inaccurate, misleading, dangerous, addictive, unethical, or illegal. All the information available in Nomad Tactics is for information purposes only. If you decide to apply any of the information provided on this website, directly or indirectly, be aware that you are using it at your own risk. And we are obviously not doctors. So always consult with a doctor before taking any actions. As an As an Amazon Associate Nomad Tactics earn from qualifying purchases. Nomad Tactics are not medical professionals. Any information provided in this episode is meant for educational purpose. Link with star sign is an affiliate link
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