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712: Here’s The RIGHT Way to Evolve Your Brand As You (and Your Business) Change
I believe every business needs to have a brand. A brand is more than just a logo and pretty colors… It’s the personality behind your offers, the way you make your clients and customers feel. And as we grow, change, evolve, and enter new life seasons, or pivot our mission, it is crucial for your brand to pivot with you so your audience stays along for the ride for the next iteration of your business (and life). They are sticking around for YOU, after all! My brand has changed massively over the years and I have managed to maintain AND grow my audience even through over a decade of shifts. And in today’s episode, I want to share with you how your business SHOULD evolve and how you can do it thoughtfully and successfully as you, the brand, or the mission changes.  So come along this ride with me as we break down how to successfully evolve your brand as you and your business change!  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOW NOTES:  GET 20% OFF JOI’S CURATED SELECTION OF COMPREHENSIVE LABS:
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