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Waylon Payne & Jack Ingram I EP. #2
Jack Ingram’s guest, Waylon Payne, for Ep #2 comes from country music royalty. His namesake & Godfather is Waylon Jennings. His father, Jody Payne, played guitar for Willie Nelson for 35 years, and his mother, Grammy award winner Sammi Smith, was one of the first outlaw country music singers best known for her 1971 crossover hit, “Help me Make it Through the Night.”. He has recorded two records; the "The Drifter", produced by Keith Gattis (2004) and "The Harlot, the Queer, the Pusher & Me", produced by Frank Liddell (2020). Additionally, Waylon has also acted in nearly a dozen movies including the Johnny Cash movie, as Jerry Lee Lewis in “Walk the Line”. Learn more about Waylon by clicking HERE and the podcast by clicking HERE.
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