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Ep. 24 - How To Be A Satisfied $Millionaire (Not A Hungry Ghost)
I want you to be a satisfied millionaire… An ecstatic millionaire…An awakened millionaire! Why? Because money is a magical thing WHEN we are satisfied. When we are a ‘hungry ghost’ and money seems to never be enough, never filling that hole in us – we must see this as a sign to step into a new realm of being. Yes, you can be driven and ambitious and feel completely satisfied at the same time. Let’s look into it. In today’s episode come discover: The mindset practice and shift to step into enoughness, gratitude, and fulfillment with your financial success How to create your dream life - through being completely satisfied Why dissatisfaction related to money will attract what you don’t want (and how to shift your energy) Enjoy this episode and be sure to subscribe to Tracey’s email list, Saturday Mornings:
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