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EP 36 Levi Shirley
A play on the triumph and losses in performance and life. The Talent Tank podcast will navigate the inner workings of lifestyle, lives, family, teams, careers, programs, and technology in and around the offroad motorsports industry. What breeds success with your Talent Tank on full, failures when its on empty. From the journey to the Starting Line to take that Green Flag, on to exploring trials and tribulations on and off the track in pursuit of victorious achievement and the Checkered Flag. When you think about Dodge City, Kansas the fastest gunslingers to walk the west come to mind. The likes of Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and even Jesse James. Here in the modern era, competing for that title of the fastest in the history books hailing out of Dodge City is none other than ULTRA4 Racing's driver of the #81 Unlimited 4400 car Levi Shirley, @levishirley. Levi is one of the offroad endurance racing's second generation young guns, and remarkably for how young he is, has over a decade in rock sports. So dial it in and rip off the knob as we go deep on The Talent Tank with Levi discussing everything from prep, tech, sponsors, to the successes and failure that have him at the top of the 4400 game. After the Checkered Flag- The beef cattle sector has been and continues to be the single largest sector in the Kansas agriculture industry, with cattle and calves generating $8.27 billion in cash receipts in 2017, which accounted for more than 50 percent of Kansas agricultural cash receipts that year. Not only does Kansas have the third largest number of cattle on ranches and feedyards at 6.35 million on Jan. 1, 2019, the state also has a significant footprint in the cattle processing sector. In 2017, Kansas produced nearly 5.69 billion pounds of red meat, or nearly 11 percent of the nation’s total. The Dodge City National Beef plant employs around 2,900 people. While the Dodge City Cargill plant employs around 2700 employees and process 5,800 to 6,000 cattle per day. Together Cargill and National Beef process about 11,000 head every day in Dodge City, Kansas. Please like & subscribe. Insiders Group
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