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Echoes of the Witch with Margaux Crump and Jake Eshelman
Echos of the Witch is a photographic documentary project by Margaux Crump and Jake Eshelman exploring American witch executions in the context of cultural memory, power and the land. Operating on the premise that places hold memory and that cultural memory can be deeply rooted, hear from the artists in this reflective episode on how their project captures the land and the people of these historical witch trial sites whether the memories of these persecutions have been honored, altered, hidden, perverted, or neglected. This discussion communicates End Witch Hunts’ message: Why do we witch hunt? How do we witch hunt? How do we stop hunting witches? Links Echoes of the Witch World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Call for the abolishment of witch camps KZN boy who allegedly killed elderly man he accused of witchcraft, stoned to death Support Us! Shop Our Book Shop Purchase a Witch Trial White Rose Memorial Button Support Us! Sign up as a Super Listener! End Witch Hunts Movement  Thou Shalt Not Suffer Podcast Book Store Support Us! Buy Witch Trial Merch! Support Us! Buy Podcast Merch! Join us on Discord to share your ideas and feedback. Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Discord Buzzsprout Mailchimp Donate Support the show
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