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Rachel Christ-Doane on the Salem Witch Museum and the Life of Dorothy Good
Learn about the latter life of Salem witch trial victim Dorothy Good and Discover what the Salem Witch Museum is all about as we chat with Rachel Christ-Doane, director of education at the Salem Witch Museum.  Rachel discusses the history of the museum and the story of the building, the exceptional online educational programming that is available and she explains what a tour of the museum is like. You even get to hear a little about the tourism of the iconic city of Salem, aka Witch City. Next Rachel discusses her recent research project that has brought shocking details to light of what life became for Dorothy Good, the four year old child that was tried for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials.  During our advocacy talk we reflect on the plight of people in need in early modern New England and how we stop hunting witches.  Links The Untold Story of Dorothy Good, by Rachel Christ Doane Podcast Episode "Leo Igwe on the Deadly Witch-Hunts of the 21st Century" Podcast Episode "Witchcraft Accusations in Nigeria with Dr. Leo Igwe" Salem Witch Museum Presentation by Dr. Leo Igwe Advocacy For Alleged Witches Documentary:"Why Witch Hunts Are Not Just A Dark Chapter From the Past” The International Network Against Accusations of Witchcraft and Other Harmful Practices Support Us! Shop Our Book Shop Purchase a Witch Trial White Rose Memorial Button Support Us! Sign up as a Super Listener! End Witch Hunts Movement  Support Us! Buy Witch Trial Merch! Support Us! Buy Podcast Merch! Join us on Discord to share your ideas and feedback. Website Twitter Threads Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Support the show
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