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Neil Patel | Risk Taking In Business (Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital), with Alex Quin
This episode features Alex Quin & Neil Patel, a New York Times Bestselling author and one of the top 10 marketers according to Forbes. Neil is highly recognized by his extensive knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing, as well as his free business tool Ubersuggest. Alex Quin sits down with Neil to talk about his beginning stages of marketing, the importance of taking risks in business, and where the future of marketing is headed. Neil Patel explains why knowledge is one of the most valuable things you can receive from a podcast. So get ready for an episode that is packed with value for both your business and personal self. [1:30] We first discovered Neil Patel through his viral giveaways on social media [2:25] Neil describes the beginning stages of his marketing career [4:22] Why Neil decided to make moves towards Quicksprout & Ubersuggest [6:30] Risks are necessary for when you’re growing a business [7:08] Let us know about a risk you’ve taken and what the outcomes were! [7:30] The opinions of making Ubersuggest for free [8:53] “Does it make me money? No” [10:08] How was the process of writing a New York Times Best Seller? [11:11] The 7 Billion Dollar podcast landscape in China and paid subscriptions [12:20] The tool you need to use for your clients, proposals, and invoices! [13:45] Neil Patel asks Alex Quin what his goal is with the Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast [15:35] The most valuable thing from podcasting [17:18] The power of relationships [18:48] What is your take on Messenger Marketing? Resources: Ubersuggest | Quicksprout | ManyChat About Our Guest Neil Patel: Instagram | Website | Marketing School Podcast Check us out on Facebook: @HustleInspiresHustle | @AlexQuin Follow us on Instagram: @HustleInspiresHustle | @AlexQuin Want more info? : | Executive Producer: Alex Quin Talent Producer: Michelle Chia Audio Engineer/Post Editor: Salomon Diaz/Alex Quin/UADV Graphics & Animations: Michelle Chia/Chris Soueidan/Daniel Toruno See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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