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Jemima Kirke: Actor + Artist
This week we sit down with actor and artist Jemima Kirke to talk creativity, collecting, painting, inspiration, and more. With our latest cover star, we discuss her deeply artistic upbringing and how her experiences at schools, St Anns and RISDE, have shaped her. Jemima talks about the time when she learned to make art for different reasons, and why dreams shouldn’t be trusted. She shares deeply personal insights into her sisters Lola and Domino, and her perspective on what it is and isn’t, to be both a mother and an artist. On the podcast, for us Jemima colors in intimate corners of her studio space, and the look and feel of her home. We talk about who has collected her work, having artists as friends, life as a single parent, eating ice cream for breakfast, and enjoying time with her children. We get to the essence of why children’s costumes have a cherished place in her heart, and discuss her vintage + antique children’s collection, Orphan Darling, and her series of paintings, Scamp. Jemima gets into painting two people, her favorite piece of work to date, and setting her art free. We wrap with the vintage magazines and catalogs she keeps collecting, have a chat about pants versus dresses, and how she’s learned to practice self care these days. Then there’s the how and the what of her famous lip look, including a current favorite color, and all of the old films she's revisiting, and why. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain talks to Jemima Kirke. Discover more + Shop The Podcast: Scamp | paintings by Jemima Kirke  @Orphan_Darling vintage + antique children's clothing by Jemima Kirke Ice cream maker Vintage Montgomery Ward catalogs Vintage House + Garden The 400 Blows film Cleo From 5 To 7 film Hermes Rose Boisé lipstick
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