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Listen to JOLLYLAND on Pandora - ‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless you’re in Jollyland. Created by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers, Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers present one of the "Top 100 Comedy Fictional Podcasts," heard in over 97 countries around the world.” "Jollyland" is a fictional tale that explores fear, death, poverty, domestic violence, self-acceptance, and bullying. It is set around Christmas, inspired by the legend of Krampus and many other Christmas legends, such as Saint Nicholas, Hans Trapp, La Befana, & many more. This is a scary dark comedy. Listen discretion is advised. Starring: Over 39 voice actors from over a dozen countries! Refer to each episode to see our list of voice actors. Written by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers Produced and Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano & Marie Katz If you would like to help support future episodes visit here: Visit our website: & Follow us on Instagram: Vocalizers_ Thank you for listening to Jollyland.
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