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MashUps That Blow Your Mind! Vol. 1
What are MashUps??? MashUps are when a DJ/Producer takes 2 or more different tracks, usually of different musical genres, and merges them to create a track that makes the listener pause and tilt their head like a confused dog, before exclaiming "OH!" when comprehension of this new musical sonic cocktail occurs!:)  Here are some of our favorite MashUps that we use to rock nightclubs in 2022! Please enjoy:)   MASHUPS "Bubble Up x Humble (Sam Collins MashUp)" - Diplo Vs Kendrick Lamar  "Rapture Riders (May 2006 Promo Only Dance Radio)" - Blondie vs The Doors  "Hotel California Forever" - The Eagles Vs Drake  "Drake Sandstorm (Mighty Mi Mash Up)" - Drake vs Bass Kleph  "Intergalactic Robot Rock" - Beastie Boys Vs Daft Punk " Treasure Me, Myself & I (DJ Kontrol Mash-up)" - Bebe Rexha vs Bruno Mars  "SexyBack x WAP (Dawg MashUp)" - Justin Timberlake Vs Cardi B  " Mr Vain Is A Dancer (DJs From Mars Mash-up") - Snap! vs Culture Beat  "Voodoo Problems (TimG MashUp") - Jimi Hendrix Vs Jay-Z  "Toxic Pony" - ALTEGO, Britney Spears,& Ginuwine    ARTISTS Diplo vs Kendrick Lamar Blondie vs The Doors  The Eagles vs Drake  Drake vs Darude Beastie Boys vs Daft Punk Bebe Rexha vs Bruno Mars  Justin Timberlake vs Cardi B Snap vs Culture Beat  Jimi Hendrix vs Jay-Z Britney Spears vs Ginuwine   REMIXERS Sam Collins Bass Kleph Mighty Mi DJ Kontrol Dawg DJs From Mars Tim G Altego     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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