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One Little Candle
Listen to One Little Candle on Pandora - As Christians, we are the light of the world, Jesus says, and He tells us not to hide our lights but to let them shine. The world is growing darker by the hour and now more than ever, God's people need to have the light of God's truth burning bright within them. Many of God's people believe the lie that says we must be important in the eyes of the world to make a positive and lasting impact in His kingdom. But that's just not true! Light a candle in a dark room and watch the darkness dispel! Imagine what a bright shining light with a lot of candles together! But it all starts with one little candle! �� COME HERE EACH WEEK TO KEEP YOUR FLAME BURNING BRIGHT. �� One Little Candle exists to encourage God's people to realize they have a purpose and responsibility in God's kingdom and empower them to live out their purpose, resulting in a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others. ��Encouraging/Inspirational Stories ��Spiritual Warfare ��Cultural Issues I'm Rebecca Berschwinger and I'm just one little candle, like you, looking to shine God's light and truth in a great big and very dark world. My heart belongs to Jesus Christ, the light of the world. I'm a wife to the most wonderful man I know, blessed to be a mom of four, and Nana to 7 awesome grandchildren! My passions are contending for the Christian faith, apologetics, teaching, writing, and gardening.
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