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How Do We Know What We Know? Salem Witch-Hunt Primary Sources with Margo Burns, Part 2
Part 2 of our enjoyable Margo Burns Witch Trial talk series brings more fun and informative conversation. This information-packed two part series, includes background on her research and editing of the book Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt. Be sure to catch both talks! Discover how we know what we know from the study of historical records. We have some laughs and heartfelt conversation about some of her new project discoveries on Chief Magistrate William Stoughton of the Salem Witch Trials. We connect past witch trials to today’s witchcraft fear with a discussion answering our advocacy questions: Why do we witch hunt? How do we witch hunt? How do we stop hunting witches?  Links The Untold Story of Dorothy Good: A Tragic Life After the Salem Witch Trials Support our show, buy "Records of the Salem Witch Hunt" through this link. University of VA, Salem Witch Trials Documents and Transcriptions Support Us! Sign up as a Super Listener! End Witch Hunts Movement  Thou Shalt Not Suffer Podcast Book Store Support Us! Buy Witch Trial Merch! Support Us! Buy Podcast Merch! Join us on Discord to share your ideas and feedback. Please sign the petition to exonerate those accused of witchcraft in Connecticut Social Media for Dr. Saud Anwar, State Senator Social Media for State Representative Jane Garibay Fact Sheet for Connecticut Witch Trial History Write a Connecticut Legislator  Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Discord Buzzsprout Mailchimp Donate Support the show
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