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How To Regulate Stress, Manage Inflammation, & Supplement For Missing Nutrients Ft. Alex Tarnava, Inventor & Entrepreneur
#606: Today, we're welcoming Alex Tarnava to the show. Alex is the inventor of the Open-Cup Molecular Hydrogen Tablet and represents Water + Wellness in today's episode for a discussion about all things hydrogen. Alex has a passion for health, fitness, learning, and self-improvement. After a lifetime of sports activity, he was shocked to find that he had developed osteoarthritis while still in his physical prime. After a long journey with prescribed painkillers, he finally set off on his own to formulate his Hydrogen tablet and immediately began to see the positive effects that hydrogen has on healing and health. Today, Alex joins us to discuss all things hydrogen and healing inflammation, how a multitude of symptoms can be linked to hydrogen deficiencies such as joint pain, stress responses, and much more. He also delves into the laws surrounding supplements in the United States, emphasizes why people need to do their own research when it comes to taking supplements, and provides insight into the benefits of adding a hydrogen supplement to their regimen. To connect with Alex Tarnava click HERE To connect with Water & Wellness click HERE To connect with Lauryn Bosstick click HERE To connect with Michael Bosstick click HERE Read More on The Skinny Confidential HERE To subscribe to our YouTube Page click HERE For Detailed Show Notes visit TSCPODCAST.COM To Call the Him & Her Hotline call: 1-833-SKINNYS (754-6697) This episode is brought to you by The Skinny Confidential & Water & Wellness Use code SKINNY for 15% off purchases on including EXCLUSIVE TSC bundles for extra $ off. Canadian listeners can shop molecular hydrogen and Quinton on our sister store at This episode is brought to you by Cymbiotika Cymbiotika is a health supplement company, designing sophisticated organic formulations that are scientifically proven to increase vitality and longevity by filling nutritional gaps that result from our modern day diet. Use code SKINNY at checkout to receive 15% off at This episode is brought to you by Westin Hotels At Westin hotels, there’s amenities and offerings aimed to help you move well, eat well, and sleep well, so you can keep your well-being close, while away. Find wellness on your next stay at Westin. This episode is brought to you Just Thrive Just Thrive products have more clinical research than just about anyone else in the industry. Pair the award-winning, gut nourishing Just Thrive Probiotic with the stress-busting, mood uplifting power of Just Calm. These two products are game changers in helping you take control of your mental health AND overall health. Go to and use code SKINNY90 at checkout to save 20% on a bottle of Just Calm + Just Thrive Probiotic. This episode is brought to you by ProLon The ProLon Fasting Shake is made with clean, quality ingredients including 21 vitamins & minerals, plant proteins and prebiotic fiber. Go to to get 15% off your order. This episode is brought to you by Betterhelp BetterHelp is online therapy that offers video, phone, and even live chat-only therapy sessions. So you don’t have to see anyone on camera if you don’t want to. It's much more affordable than in-person therapy & you can be matched with a therapist in under 48 hours. Our listeners get 10% off their first month at . This episode is brought to you by Barefaced Visit and use code SKINNY at checkout to receive 15% off your first purchase. The first 100 people to purchase Barefaced Overachiever using this link will get free Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches in their order. This episode is brought to you by DraftKings DraftKings Sportsbook is an official sports betting partner of the NFL. Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app now and receive $200 in bonus bets immediately by betting $5 and using code SKINNY at checkout. Produced by Dear Media.
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