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Gag Me With A Knife
Listen to Gag Me With A Knife on Pandora - EVERY WEDNESDAY best friends Alex and Emily talk SLASHERS! This podcast is for EVERYONE! You don’t have to love slashers to love this podcast as it’s hilarious as much as it is informative. Alex and Emily have been watching slashers for over twenty years and love the comedic aspect of them...don’t worry about having seen the movie! We guarantee you’ll be laughing and having a great time whether you’ve seen the movie or haven’t! HOSTS: Emily Dunlap and Alex Pearson EDITOR AND PRODUCER: Brandon Biondo #horrormovies #slashers #slashermovies #cultmovies #80smovies #horrormovie #horrormoviereviews #slasherfilms #horrorpodcast #slasherpodcast
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