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Friends that Inspire Hustle ft Michelle Chia, Keven Pimentel & Alex Quin
Episode Summary:     In today’s episode, Alex Quin, Michelle Chia, and Keven Pimentel hold an unplanned interview session discussing what goes on behind the scenes of the Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast, UADV marketing agency, and other passion projects the team is involved in!  If you aren’t familiar with both guests here is a bit of background. Michelle is the marketing director for Hustle Inspires Hustle and UADV. And Kevin, who is also a multifaceted marketer, has his own ventures but regularly collaborates with the UADV team.  Prepare yourself for lots of wild stories, trips down memory lane, and of course, valuable insight on running successful marketing ventures and building lasting friendships.   Wisdom Nuggets:  Always be prepared and ready for an opportunity! You can do this by sharpening your skills and adding more exemplary work to your portfolio [ Got this from Michelle working for years on design and marketing, which eventually led to her meeting Mark and Jeff, in turn helping the UADV team close a deal with Ikonic] Kevin shares a simple fact that upcoming marketers seem to ignore. You don’t always have to start your own brand from scratch. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you bypass common mistakes and issues marketers face. Like this podcast, for example! Spend time learning from these sources and watch your business grow. First impressions matter. Michelle shares how important getting your foot in the door is. This helps people remember you easily, thanks to the amazing work you’ve done for them in the past. Make sure your circle inspires you to keep winning. You should also inspire your circle of friends to keep winning. Be grateful to them! This nugget comes from Alex. None of your plans won’t work unless you show up! Take action on things more. Kevin shares this wisdom nugget. Podcast Outline:   [1:37] So yeah, guys, this is hustle inspires hustle podcast. This is the first episode of 2022.[Alex] [02:30 It’s been almost, I think, 80 episodes of the podcasts and 100 countries listening.  [03:23] Okay, let’s talk about growth. [Alex] [03:35] Ikonic is a brand that we’ve always looked up to. [Alex] [04:00] I started graphic designing, I guess like ten years ago [Michelle] [06:00] And Kev, let’s talk about your businesses, let’s talk about your online businesses.[Alex] [06:18] So for 2022, Uh, let’s just say at the end of 2021, was when I embarked on. [ Kevin] [06:52] I currently have a brand of products, of hairline products called the curly mermaid.[Kevin] [09:50] From the wholesale side, I have a company called Green Earth products. [Kevin] [12:20] Break [12:36] Free Access to resources and materials on business management and self-development. [Alex] [12:59] Okay, let’s get back into the episode. [Alex] [13:51] My main thing was being a server, and I would do marketing and graphic design when I got home at like 11 pm [ Michelle] [15:05] Just get your foot in the door [ Michelle chia] [17:03] The three of us have grown together a lot [ Alex] [18:19] ‘Wild story on booking Japanese flight tickets begins.” [23:44] There’s a market out there for everything… [ Do not sell yourself short] [ Alex] [26:49] If you liked this episode, make sure you listen to Michelle on Instagram.   Power Quotes:   “Work With Others First, So You Can Understand How To Grow Your Own Business” - Kevin Pimentel [11:55] “Just Get Your Foot In The Door” - Michelle Chia. [15:05]  “ Be Grateful To Do The People That Are Good To You” - Alex Quin [17:49] Resources Mentioned:   Michelle Chia’s Instagram Kevin Pimentel’s Instagram See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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