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77. Pam Donahoo, CEO of America's Mortgage Banking Attorneys (USFN), on Supporting Members During the Pandemic, and Supporting the Next Generation of Members and Leaders
How do you support your members when a lot of their work evaporates because of government regulations? How do you educate an entire ecosystem about your members’ work? In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Pam Donahoo, CEO, America's Mortgage Banking Attorneys, aka USFN. Pam discusses: How she got introduced to associations because of her mother, who ran an association. Pam’s advice for getting to know an association and its industry or profession when you’re a new executive. How USFN rebranded to become America’s Mortgage Banking Attorneys. How USFN supported its members during the pandemic, when the US government froze all banks’ ability to foreclose on homeowners. How USFN doesn’t just educate its members, it educates its members’ customers and government officials. What banks and USFN members are doing today to keep homeowners in their homes. What USFN is doing to nurture and cultivate the next generation of members and leaders. How USFN is rethinking its conference, education, and other offerings. References: USFN website The Source
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