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How a Shoelace Turned into a Million Dollar Business ft. Daniel Kasidi (CEO of Rastaclat) with Alex Quin
Alex Quin chats with Daniel Kasidi, founder and CEO of Rastaclat. Daniel came to America from Kenya at the age of 5 and grew up with the goal to “always do good for yourself and others and to always seek the positive.” Alex and Daniel share stories from their first small businesses in high school and how they rose to the top. In this episode, learn how to keep learning even during a pandemic. There is always more than one way to acquire knowledge such as books, webinars and more. Listen to Daniel’s journey about how he went from a homemade shoelace bracelet, to working with top brands like Levi’s and Disney, and ending with starting his own company, Rastaclat. [01:15] What's going on everyone [02:04] It’s a long journey in entrepreneurship [02:30] Let’s hear a little bit about your life [03:02] The original go-fund me [03:31] Next thing you know I'm hoping on a plane [04:36] When I was a teenager [04:59] Skateboarding was that one thing [05:55] This is before influencers we’re a thing [06:09] That really led to me falling in love with fashion [06:41] My entrepreneurial light went on [07:22] I didn’t know how to scale it [07:46] We found our what and our why [09:57] You never know how early or how late you’re gonna run into what you love doing [10:09] You worked at Levis, and you worked a little bit with Disney [10:44] I signed up for east coast sales rep [12:40] I never lost that fire and that idea [13:13] If you want to be a professional [14:17] 20 years later [15:00] BREAK [15:52] It’s more than just the product [16:25] You gotta always be at the cusp of what’s new [16:40] What is your customer journey like [17:27] What it was last year, is different than this year [18:50] Find like minded people [19:37] Remain consistent during difficult times [20:17] Play bigger (book) [21:07] Different forms of learning [23:52] Who are the category kings [24:22] Implementing that knowledge [25:44] Visual Hammer (book) [26:07] You never stop learning [26:19] You’re gonna be studying the rest of your life Resources Alex Quin’s Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle App Hustle Inspires Hustle Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle Website Daniel Kasidi Instagram Daniel Kasidi Linkedin Rastaclat Website See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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