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In the Eye of a Hurricane – How to Stay Centered and Grounded Amidst Life’s Challenges
“Spiritual equanimity is not about feeling content with the world, it’s about being content no matter what you’re feeling. It’s about being at ease whether you feel easeful or not. And we all have access to this. It’s part of our true nature.” —Craig Hamilton Nearly all of us aspire to be more centered and grounded, especially when the strong winds of chaos or crisis threaten to pull us off track.On the spiritual path, this quality is often referred to as equanimity. When we learn how to access equanimity in meditation, we suddenly find we can remain centered, non-reactive and present no matter what happens to us, even when we feel triggered by events in the world. This enlightened capacity gives us the ability to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom, compassion and strength. But where does this extraordinary capacity come from? In this episode, Craig challenges the common assumption that equanimity means being detached from what happens in this world, and explains how true equanimity arises when we become rooted in something much deeper, more profound, and ultimately sacred that underlies everything that happens.Listen as Craig shares three different ways we can access this profound capacity, inviting you to step directly into the unshakeable core of who you already are.To access the full transcript of this episode and more resources, visit the episode page on If you’re interested in exploring more of Craig’s approach to meditation, you’re invited to tune in to a 90-minute online workshop Craig will be hosting called Meditation 2.0 – The Miracle of Direct Awakening. Register for free at
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