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Planting your Seed ft. Melitsa Waage with Alex Quin
In this episode, Alex Quin chats with Melitsa Waage – a transformational thought leader, fitness influencer, adventurer, thrill seeker, world traveler, author, and motivational speaker. Her extensive research and training has helped her create unique platforms for individuals who desire to experience their lives and minds at peak performance. She is author of the recently released book titled ‘Detoxify your Mind’ while also being CEO/Founder of Epic Talks Miami, a networking event which is geared towards connecting you to the right audience and equipping you to be the best you can be. Wisdom Nuggets You may not be able to control the bad things that come your way, but you can control how you respond to it. Your attitude determines your action, you can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can use a situation as an opportunity to capitalize and move forward or create new things. See how you can add value: In order to build meaningful relationships and networks, it's extremely important to always go in with an attitude of service. Seeking how you can add value first, not what you can get out of it. This will help you in being able to build lasting and healthy relationship networks. Opportunity comes from anywhere, never let yourself limit what you can do. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create it. Don’t forget that you can achieve anything if you are willing to put in the work. But remember being the best you can be and achieving success takes time, put in the work, stay the course and you will be successful in the end. Podcast Outline [01:15] What's going on everyone [02:00] On the move [02:45] Melitsa origin story [03:22] Melitsa - The Rock Star [04:00] What's going on? [04:10] The Hustle House - A Clubhouse story [05:30] What I wanted to achieve? [06:25] My first business [07:25] Talent vs Never backing down [07:45] Inspiration for my first book - Detoxify Your Mind [08:23] Navigating my 30’s [08:50] A wake up call [09:25] A free ticket - Reigniting your life [10:15] A conference that changed my life [10:45] Personal development - My Religion [11:00] Speaking my vision into existence [11:39] Hey (break) [12:15] What's your biggest inspiration to teach? [13:24] A roundup of some of the events you’ve had [14:30] Trying to create an experience for people - changing the perspective of [15:20] A good host is a game changer [16:02] Continuously evolving and learning [16:35] The beauty of community [17:05] Mindset in business [17:23] Always add value and come from a place of service [18:30] How to approach people [19:10] Where and how it all started? [21:43] Our second event [22:15] Opportunity everywhere for people to meet each other [22:45] Don’t be afraid to reach out [23:55] Face your fears Power Quotes “This didn't happen to you, this happened for you” - Melitsa Waage 09:20 ‘’Personal development became my religion. I focused on me, I focused on changing my life, I focused on changing my environment. I focused on creating the life of my dreams, I am going to make this happen ’’ - Melitsa Waage 10:50 ‘’All you need to do in life is to continuously learn. Because if you feel like you know everything already, then you’re already lost.’’ - Alex Quin 16:12 ‘’If I'm not finding it myself, let me maybe just create it myself’’ - Melitsa Waage 19:40 “Anything is possible! Plant your seed, start watering it, don't expect success overnight. If I would have followed my fears I would have never started Epic Talks’’ - Melitsa Waage 23:55 Resource Alex Quin’s Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle App Hustle Inspires Hustle Instagram Epic Talks Miami Instagram Melitsa Waage Instagram Melitsa Waage Website See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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