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Making Money Work For You ft. Kristin Lee with Alex Quin
In this episode, Alex Quin chats with Kristin Lee – a business manager who focused on intricate international tax and business structures for a myriad of clients throughout her career. Kristin has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has worked at some of the top business management firms in the world before starting KLBM, her own business management firm. She has since built a skilled team sharing her passion for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs looking to turn their dreams into fruitful and lifelong operations. In this podcast, she talks about her journey, what led her on this path, and some best practices you can use to make your money work for you. Wisdom Nuggets Risk vs Reward: There are instances in life where you might need to break away from the routine of what is comfortable and take a leap of faith. In times like that, it is really important to back yourself and make that jump. You may not have everything figured out, but if you really are willing to apply yourself, learn and work hard, things will work out and surprise you. Life is about risk and reward. Great rewards come with great risks, but you must be willing to take your shot, whenever that moment comes. Empower your community: Use the platform and opportunity that you’ve been given to help others around you, especially your own community. Use your power and influence, to be a platform to help represent and empower diverse communities. We’re always better when we are working together and use the platforms we’ve built across our fields of influence. Use Technology to ‘Think Big’: We so easily fall into the trap of having gadgets control and consume us these days. Technology is not inherently bad, it’s all about how we choose to leverage it. We have to make technology work for us - help create better processes, work more efficiently and, network and build new relationships. Always be on the lookout for the latest technologies available and how you can leverage it to level up. Podcast Outline [01:15] What's going on everyone [01:38] What’s going on right now? [02:20] Understanding my business [03:20] How it all began [04:12] Understanding the client base [04:40] The employees at the firm: diverse and women-centered [05:08] What I’m proud of - a diverse, talented, and intelligent group of women [05:13] The inspiration behind a women-centered staff [07:00] How the industry is shaping up? [08:00] Long term implications of Crypto [08:40] Implications on the entertainment industry [09:40] Importance on staying updated with what’s happening around [10:00] What I do to stay updated [10:43] Books/authors that changed my life [11:10] Importance of personal development [11:50] Tools I use for personal development [12:33] Taking that leap of faith [13:59] Hey (break) [15:00] What I’ve done to add value to businesses [16:10] Using Technology to ‘Think Big’ [16:45] The new age client [17:12] Women Business Managers in the industry [18:06] ClubHouse for networking [19:26] My legacy [20:30] The Numbers - A real story [22:00] Curbing bad spending habits [23:15] Best practices for new business owners Power Quotes ‘’Your health is your greatest wealth’’ - Kristin Lee 11:20 ‘’Most of the time it is you vs you’’ - Alex Quin 12:30 ‘’Numbers don’t lie, data is black and white” - Kristin Lee 20:52 ‘’Embrace your shit’’ - Kristin Lee 21:48 Resource Alex Quin’s Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle App Hustle Inspires Hustle Instagram Kristin Lee Instagram Kristin Lee Twitter Kristin Lee LinkedIn Kristin Lee Website See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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