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19. Associations Thrive - Interview with Tori Miller Liu, CEO, Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM)
What does the first 90 days of a CEO journey look like? How do organizations improve their performance by transforming the way they manage their information? Who should be in charge of data management at organizations? How do you reimagine an association in a dynamic industry characterized by a “rising tide of information chaos?” In this episode of Associations Thrive, Matrix Group CEO Joanna Pineda interviews Tori Miller Liu, President and CEO of the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). Tori introduces AIIM, talks about her journey to becoming CEO of AIIM, and then talks about AIIM services. We discuss: How AIIM is Tori’s first position as a CEO. How Tori is doing a listening tour with members, non-members, unhappy members, and leadership to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the membership. The difference between data and content. How Tori’s first year will include a listening tour, annual conference and development of a new strategic plan. The AIIM community and why AIIM has two membership levels. AIIM’s certification - Certified Information Professional. How the AAIM strategic plan will have two lenses: foresight first and people first. References: AIIM website AIIM Certified Information Professional certification  AIIM’s two member types
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