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Halloween History and Traditions with Scott Culpepper
An engaging conversation on Halloween history and traditions, witchcraft, horror films, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, zombies, the Satanic Panic, and more. We welcome back the podcast’s inaugural historian guest, Dr. Scott Culpepper, a historian, storyteller, author and Professor of History at Dordt University in Sioux Center, IA.  After listening to this episode, be sure to return to episode 3 where he kicked off our historian episodes last year discussing  the Connecticut Witch Trials in depth. Dr. Culpepper's Blog, The Imaginative HistorianYouTube - Connecticut Witch Trials with Dr. Scott CulpepperDr. Scott Culpepper Professor ProfileSign the Petition to Exonerate those Accused of Witchcraft in MassachusettsBuy Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night, by Nicholas RogersUpcoming Events with Author and Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project Cofounder Beth Caruso Leo Igwe, AfAWJoin One of Our ProjectsSupport Us! Buy Book Titles Mentioned in this Episode from our Book ShopSupport Us! Sign up as a Super ListenerEnd Witch Hunts Movement Support Us! Buy Witch Trial Merch!Support Us! Buy Podcast Merch!Join us on Discord to share your ideas and feedback.WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramPinterestLinkedInYouTubeTikTokDiscord Support the show
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