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18. Associations Thrive - Interview with Shawn Boynes, CEO, American Counseling Association (ACA)
How do you step into the shoes of a longtime, much beloved CEO? How do you create value for longtime members and struggling members? How do you ensure that your organization’s governance is still the right fit for your organization? In this episode of Associations Thrive, Matrix Group CEO Joanna Pineda interviews Shawn Boynes, CEO of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Shawn introduces ACA, talks about his journey to becoming CEO of a major mental health association, and then discusses key ACA initiatives, including: A free continuing education (CE) course every month for all members. The Interstate Counseling Compact, which will allow counselors licensed in one state to practice in other states. April is Counseling Awareness Month. A governance review. References: ACA Website Counseling Awareness Month ACA Code of Ethics
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