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20. Associations Thrive - Interview with Rhea Steele, Chief of Staff, School Nutrition Association (SNA)
How do you support your members when the world shuts down but your school foodservice members have to work doubly hard to take care of students? How do you diversify your leadership to reflect the diversity of your membership? How do you re-organize your association to meet the needs of your members post-pandemic? In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Rhea Steele, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategy & Governance at the School Nutrition Association (SNA). Rhea introduces SNA, shares her journey to becoming Chief of Staff at SNA, and talks about the governance initiatives she’s leading at SNA, specifically: Employee engagement and empowerment programs. Ongoing review of SNA processes to create a high-performing and efficient organization. The targeted recruiting SNA is doing to recruit men and non-white individuals into leadership positions. A reorganization of SNA to achieve their new strategic plan. References: SNA Website SNA Annual Conference
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