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58. Darian Rodriguez Heyman, CEO of Helping People Help, on What It Really Takes to Fundraise Well
Why do so many nonprofit executives leave the sector within five years? Hint: fundraising and boards.  In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Founder at Helping People Help, Author, and former Executive Director of the Craigslist Foundation and the NUMI Foundation. Darian discusses: Why so many nonprofit executives leave the sector and how executive coaching is the most cost-effective way to address executive burnout. How Darian used six-month sabbaticals after each significant career pivot to reflect on his life and career, open his heart and mind to the universe, and decide on his next. How organizations can manage the transition from a working board to a fundraising board. The best way to cultivate potential donors to ensure fundraising success. The key is getting donors to invite your organization to apply. How to make Board meetings more effective and move the organization’s mission forward. Darian’s best-selling books on nonprofit management and fundraising. Listeners of Associations Thrive can contact Darian on his website and request a free 15-minute coaching call on fundraising or governance. Be sure to mention this podcast! References: Helping People Help website Nonprofit Management 101 Nonprofit Fundraising 101
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