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You're Being Surveilled
Big tech collects our data, this much we know. But to what extent? To explore this question Rick speaks with Byron Tau, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and author of "Means of Control." Together, they unravel the complex alliance between technology companies and government agencies, exposing how this partnership has birthed a new American surveillance state. They explore the evolution of data brokers, the commercialization of personal data, and the implications for individual privacy and public freedom. Tau shares insights from his book and his reporting journey, offering a chilling yet fascinating glimpse into the invisible world of surveillance capitalism. Byron's book, "Means of Control: How the Hidden Alliance of Tech and Government Is Creating a New American Surveillance State," available now. Timestamps: [00:01:52] Surveillance capitalism [00:06:13] How is government using this data? [00:09:58] Total Information Awareness [00:17:57] How much of this information is being used? [00:23:00] Notable bad actors Follow Resolute Square: Instagram Twitter TikTok Find out more at Resolute Square Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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