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747: Live Coaching: Where to Invest at the Very Beginning of Your Biz
Calling all brand new business owners! This episode is a recording from a coaching session I had with a Goal Digger Podcast listener who is at the start of her business journey and also has ADHD.  I’m excited for you to learn from my conversation with Allison Saunders, in which I share a mix of mindset guidance and actionable strategies on how to grow her business in a way that leads to success AND honors her uniqueness. Even if you’re not in the same business stage or industry as Allison, I KNOW that you will be able to take the insights and strategies I share with her and implement them into your own business. These tips aren’t just for new business owners with ADHD, but for anyone hoping to boost your productivity and get started on the right foot! Goal Digger Facebook Community: Goal Digger Instagram: Goal Digger Show Notes:  Thanks to our Goal Digger Sponsors: Visit to get a $100 credit on your next campaign! Go to for free shipping on your order and 365-day returns.
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