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Classical Piano For Studying Playlist - Created by Eric Elder
Perfect piano music for studying! Featuring 95 songs and nearly 6 hours of songs without words by Marilyn Byrnes, Eric Elder, Michael Dulin, Philip Aaberg, Jean-Ives Thibaudet, William Joseph, Emile Pandolfi, Stan Whitmire, Lang Lang, Greg Maroni, Keith Martinson, David Osborne, Mike Strickland, Evgeny Kissin, David Lanz, and Beegie Adair. Beyond studying, use this playlist to relax, unwind, sleep, work, and play. If you have babies or kids who are having trouble falling asleep, put on these soothing, instrumental songs without words, as background music on low, as a great way to help them stay calm and relaxed. Babies and pets love it, too, including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, fish, turtles, lizards. Everything in life benefits from the beauty of music! Enjoy! - Listen to Classical Piano For Studying Playlist by Eric Elder | Pandora
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