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Who's Next After McCarthy's Failure?
On this episode of The Enemies List, Rick is joined by Politico's White House Bureau chief and political correspondent for MSNBC Jonathan Lemire. Together, they discuss how the government is still careening toward a shutdown since Kevin McCarthy's departure, who could potentially be the next speaker of the house, the realistic competition for Donald Trump in the Republican primary, what the Biden reelection campaign will look like, and the Democrat's discontent with Vice President Harris. Jonathan's book, The Big Lie, is available now. Timestamps: [00:01:23] Kevinpalooza [00:05:13] Future funding for Ukraine [00:06:41] Kevin's desire for the job [00:07:45] The republican cycle [00:09:04] Poisoning the well [00:10:48] Thoughts on the primary [00:13:23] The final anti-Trump effort [00:14:49] No one's getting used to it [00:16:32] The Biden campaign [00:18:34] Muttering about Vice President Harris  [00:20:21] The Trump campaign Follow Resolute Square: Instagram Twitter TikTok Find out more at Resolute Square Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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