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Mark Sisson & Carrie Sisson On Longevity, Weight Management, Foot Health, & Metabolic Flexibility
#566: Today we're sitting down with Mark & Carrie Sisson. Mark is a New York Times bestselling author, media personality, founder of Primal Kitchen, ex-endurance athlete & has been educating the world on nutrition and the benefits of ancestral living and primal movement for 17 years via his blog, & today we're getting together to discuss a range of topics, from primal health & how to achieve peak performance, to the the mistakes people are making in their lives that are detrimental to their health. Mark & Carrie get into how health evolves with age, why it's important to evolve your health routines as you age, & they also dive into their secret behind 35+ years of marriage. They also get into foot health, the balance of discipline, the Ozempic epidemic & the healthiest way to lose weight. For an exclusive Discount on Peluva shoes use code "SKINNY" at for 20% off your order. To connect with Mark Sisson click HERE To connect with Lauryn Evarts click HERE To connect with Michael Bosstick click HERE Read More on The Skinny Confidential HERE Subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE For Detailed Show Notes visit TSCPODCAST.COM To Call the Him & Her Hotline call: 1-833-SKINNYS (754-6697) This episode is brought to you by The Skinny Confidential This episode is brought to you by Masterclass With MasterClass, you can learn from the world's best minds - anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. Get 15% off unlimited access to every class at This episode is brought to you by Sun Bum Sun Bum creates products to protect the world from the sun, specifically formulated to help protect those of us who love and live in the sun. Use code SKINNY15 at for 15% off your first purchase. This episode is brought to you by Nutrafol Nutrafol is the #1 dermatologist recommended hair growth supplement, clinically shown to improve your hair growth, thickness, and visible scalp coverage. Go to and use code SKINNYHAIR to save $10 off your first month's subscription, plus free s This episode is brought to you by Betterhelp BetterHelp is online therapy that offers video, phone, and even live chat-only therapy sessions. So you don’t have to see anyone on camera if you don’t want to. It's much more affordable than in-person therapy & you can be matched with a therapist in under 48 hours. Our listeners get 10% off their first month at . This episode is brought to you by AG1 AG1 is way more than greens. It's all of your key multi-vitamins, minerals, pre-and probiotics, and more, working together as one. Go to to get a free 1 year supply of vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. This episode is brought to you by Sakara Sakara delivers science-backed, plant-rich nutrition programs and wellness essentials right to your door. Their ready-to-eat meals are nutritionally designed to deliver results—from weight management and eased bloat to boosted energy and clearer skin. Go to or enter code SKINNY at checkout to receive 20% off your first order. Produced by Dear Media
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