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742: Stuck In Your Comfort Zone Or Trying To Leave It?
QUESTION: Are you cozy in your comfort zone or actively trying to get out of it? Because in 2024, you need to break free from it to be unstoppable!  Whether you’re religiously working your 9-5 or you’ve been doing the same thing for the last decade as an entrepreneur, it’s time to really get honest about where you’re at and where you want to go.  In this episode, I’m breaking down the questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you’re stuck in your comfort zone or if you’re trying to leave it. PLUS, I’ll give you tangible tips on how to break free from the predictable and dig those big goals of yours in 2024!  Click play now – just by listening, you’re one step further on your journey toward personal growth!  Goal Digger Facebook Community: Goal Digger Instagram: Goal Digger Show Notes: Thanks to our Goal Digger Sponsors: Visit to get a $100 credit on your next campaign! Head to and use promo code GOALDIGGER to save 20% off a 90 day bottle of Just Thrive probiotic or Just Calm! Visit, choose your box, and use my code GOALDIGGER to claim your free chicken for one whole year and enjoy an extra $20 off your first order of GoodRanchers meat!
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