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Colonial Earthquakes: Witchcraft or God’s Will? with Kathleen Langone
Kathleen Langone of the People Hidden in History podcast speaks with us about colonial New England Earthquakes before the 19th century as signs from God. We discussed several historic earthquakes and the colonists' reactions. What did the ministers and other leaders have to say about the tremors? Were earthquakes acts of witchcraft or acts of God? What providences were considered acts of witchcraft?  People Hidden in History Podcast  Interview with Greater Boston, Josh Hutchinson, and Dr. Emerson Baker (at 15:38) Preservation Connecticut Presentation: Sarah Jack and Josh Hutchinson Fox Live Now, Josh Hutchinson and Sarah Jack Washington Post, Josh Hutchinson Interview Petition to recognize those accused of witchcraft in MassachusettsList of those accused of witchcraft in Massachusetts Support Us! Sign up as a Super Listener! End Witch Hunts Movement  Thou Shalt Not Suffer Podcast Book Store Support Us! Buy Witch Trial Merch! Support Us! Buy Podcast Merch! Join us on Discord to share your ideas and feedback. Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Support the show
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