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The Marriage Hacks We Live By
As I write this, we are celebrating 19 years of pure, wedded bliss (do you hear the sarcasm?) NINETEEN YEARS. Our marriage is a freshman in college. Our marriage probably has a fake ID and makes bad decisions in bars. But on the balance, I will say I feel incredibly lucky. We have a really great marriage. This week we discuss our best marriage tips... including why Penn doesn't poop in our hotel room. (Yes, he's all mine ladies.) We also reflect on Lola going to prom and parenting advice for when they go away to college. What's the best marriage advice you have or tips for your kids going away to college? Share them with us! Learn more about our games here and our book here. Thanks for being part of this journey with us, friends. Kim and Penn are online content creators known for their award-winning videos, including original music, song parodies, and comedy sketches. Their videos have resulted in over 2 billion views and 8 million followers across their social media platforms since they (accidentally) went viral in 2013. They have a best-selling book on marriage communication, a top-rated podcast, a fun-filled family card game, and most recently, they were the winners on Season 33 of The Amazing Race. Shop Our Merch Join Our Newsletter Follow us on YouTube Follow us on Instagram Follow us on TikTok Follow us on Facebook The Holderness Family Podcast is edited and engineered by Max Trujillo of Trujillo Media and produced by Ann Marie Taepke, Julie Frahm, and Sam Allen. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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