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EP 41 Brad Lovell
A play on the triumph and losses in performance and life. The Talent Tank podcast will navigate the inner workings of lifestyle, lives, family, teams, careers, programs, and technology in and around the offroad motorsports industry. What breeds success with your Talent Tank on full, failures when its on empty. From the journey to the Starting Line to take that Green Flag, on to exploring trials and tribulations on and off the track in pursuit of victorious achievement and the Checkered Flag. No stranger to off-road racing, going fast, breathing dust, mud, and bad mustaches, the venerable Brad Lovell @bradlovell44 steps into the tank and tells us what it takes to take it all off, and risk it all! We are kicking off the Spring 2021 Season of The Talent Tank! EP 41 will not disappoint! As the current driver of the #242 ULTRA4 Racing car, to his deep history in rock sports, years as a professional short course driver, hill climbs, desert racing, and his current position consulting with Ford Motors on the return of the Bronco. Not an episode to miss, as we get to know this Colorado Springs native a whole lot better, and what it is that's kept him ticking in competitive off-road for nearly two decades. After the Checkered Flag- The Pam-American Highway and the crazy race it once hosted. Once upon a time, before budget airlines and global warming, when driving long distances at high speeds in dangerous cars was still something of a noble pursuit, the people of the Americas, the North and the South, built a bewildering network of roads that spanned not one, but two complete continents. Across mountains and plains and valleys and jungles, and through cities and villages and farmland, this network of tarmac still connects Alaska with Argentina. It stretches nearly 48,000km and is completely motorable by any reasonable car, except for a small, around160km stretch of formidable rainforest. Intriguing. Please like & subscribe. Insiders Group
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