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Ep 142 Blake Hornsby pt 2
Blake Hornsby continues with discussion of his most recent album and a truly unique influence Listen and follow Blake Hornsby at these places Find Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions here- Instagram: Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions (@thestraylions) Facebook: Sullivan Smith and Stray Lions | Facebook Spotify: Spotify – Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions Bandcamp: Music | Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions ( Subscribe to the podcast - This link has all the other places to subscribe Follow on Social Media All music used by permission Blake Hornsby is a psychedelic folk musician born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, currently based out of Boone, North Carolina. Hornsby's work is influenced by psychedelia, folk, eastern music, American primitivism, avant-garde, and sound healing. He recorded his first original music in the summer of 2015 on his laptop. This demo incorporated acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, synthesizers, vocals, and samples. In Autumn of 2016, Hornsby released his first album Solipsism & the Nectar of the Gods. This album included reworked versions of songs from his demo as well as new material. In 2018, Hornsby released Legend of the Unconscious Enigma as a follow up to his previous album. In contrast to his debut, he transitioned to a more organic sound without the use of synthesizers and electric guitar. He began experimenting with acoustic guitar in open tunings as well as more complex overdubs. In the Spring of 2019, Hornsby went on a solo trip to northern India. He purchased a guitar in Delhi and began writing new material in the Himalayas. When he returned to the United States, he perfected these songs and composed the remainder of the material on what would become Teetering on the Edge of the Void. Teetering On the Edge of the Void was Hornsby's first professional album. It was recorded in late 2019 to analog tape in a studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The result was a psychedelic world folk album tinged with heavy Indian influence and orchestrated segments. Released in June, 2020, this acclaimed album was his most ambitious to date. It became the final album in his conceptual trilogy and was self released on vinyl. Less than a year later, Hornsby released his first professional instrumental album. Dogwood Dance was recorded in Asheville, NC and exemplifies his advanced guitar style that has been compared to artists akin to John Fahey. The Australian record label Ramble Records funded its release on vinyl. Both of his most recent albums have gained attention worldwide and have been positively reviewed on blogs, as well as airplay. Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions is a pop group or musical dance craze from Roanoke, VA. Started in 2019 as a bedroom project, Sullivan soon found a revolving door of musicians to back with live gigs and some recording. In other words... "Just a songwriter and a makeshift band."
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